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A second front was opened on the shores of Europe. The largest landing operation became one of the most important events in World War 2 — and an entire campaign in Enlisted. On June 6th, the world celebrates the valor of hundreds of thousands of soldiers who participated in it.

D-Day turned the tide of war — and will affect other Enlisted campaigns.

From June 6th (13:00 GMT) until June 9th (13:00 GMT) complete the tasks and receive rewards that will be useful in all campaigns!


This event’s rewards will allow you to upgrade weapons and soldiers in any army and also boost your experience gain, which is sure to come in handy after the release of the “Burning Skies” update.

Weaponry upgrade ticket
Weaponry upgrade ticket

You’ll receive 3 for 2, 4, and 7 completed tasks

Soldier upgrade ticket
Soldier upgrade ticket

You’ll receive 3 for 5 completed tasks and 7 for 8  completed tasks

XP Booster +100% (for 1 battle)
XP Booster +100% (for 1 battle)

You’ll receive 1 for 3, 6, and  9 completed tasks

About the rewards: weaponry upgrade tickets can be used instead of bronze orders to upgrade the firearms in any army. Soldier upgrade tickets can make any soldier instantly unlock a new perk slot without participating in battles.


The tasks have to be completed in “Squads” mode. The tasks from a single day can be completed simultaneously. 

June 6th-7th

  • 30 kills from a bolt-action or semi-automatic rifle;
  • 15 machine gun kills;
  • 1 victory in the ”Battle for Normandy” campaign.

June 7th-8th

  • 20 headshots;
  • 15 grenade kills;
  • Finish the battle in the top 50% of your team.

June 8th-9th

  • 1 destroyed tank;
  • 50 kills with any weapon;
  • Finish the battle in the top 30% of your team.

Terms of the event

  • This event’s tasks are counted simultaneously and can be completed even in a single battle.
  • On June 9th and 10th you can purchase the unreceived awards for Gold.


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