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Burning Sky: rocket tanks and new campaign levels

Here we are at the finish line for the "Burning Sky" update, in which the sky will be traced with tank rockets! Meet the new levels of the "Invasion of Normandy" and "Battle for Moscow" campaigns, as well as premium rocket vehicles from three nations!

Invasion of Normandy: Sherman Calliope and Panzerwerfer 42

Should we describe how rocket launchers work? Well, it's worth telling. After all, despite their similarity these machines have markedly different tactics in use, have their own advantages and disadvantages. We will try to give you some basic tactical advice to make it easy and fast to start enjoying the new weapons.

Meet the rocket vehicles in Enlisted!


This is based on the familiar American M4 Sherman - its main gun still operates, but as soon as you see a crowd of enemy soldiers in your sights, a 114mm rocket launcher steps in. Sixty high-explosive rounds will knock enemy troops to the ground!

Tactical advice: focus your rocket fire on the enemy infantry. Rockets are powerful, but they won't have enough kill power to hit seriously armored vehicles. And be sure to keep your launcher safe from enemy tanks! Such a huge target can easily be hit by a lucky shell or even a grenade - and if the ammunition detonates, your victorious campaign is quickly over.

Panzerwerfer 42

Despite being installed on a lightly armored platform, the enemy can’t relax. Its rockets are just as dangerous to infantry as the Calliope ones. Its 10+10 ammo is enough to cause point-blank devastating strikes, and it has an MG machine gun with very fast aiming for defense for a few soldiers in the cockpit.

Tactical advice: your attack is incredibly strong, but it will be difficult to withstand a backfire, so it is worth setting a position in advance and practice firing the rocket launcher - huge rockets will not give a chance to the enemy, but because of their weight you need to get used to their ballistics.

Such extraordinary vehicles will be available in the "Rocket Bundle".

Battle for Moscow: BM-8-24

Does the name "Katyusha" mean anything to you? The legendary Soviet rocket launcher on the chassis of a T-60 light tank. The machine is extremely compact and fast, but at the same time it carries some serious ammunition in 24 rockets of 82mm caliber.

Tactical advice: it has no other weapons, so go to the battlefield with troop support and do not try to act alone (as you are not protected by machine guns, the enemy troops will quickly get to you).

A premium squad with the BM-8-24 can be purchased for gold.

«Invasion of Normandy»

37 level: AT Gunner II

To keep the tankers (including rocket tankers) on their toes, both sides pull out great tools to destroy armored vehicles. The special ability of the squads allows you to throw explosives a greater distance.

90th Infantry Division

357th Infantry Regiment

Armed with the M9 Bazooka, faster, longer range, and more powerful ammo than its predecessor, the M1.

48th infantry Division

148th Anti-Tank Bbattalion

Armed with the RPzB 43 Ofenrohr, which is in every way better than the Panzerfaust, and in general was created with a glance at the trophy American bazooka.

«Battle for Moscow»

37 level: Armored vehicles

Т-34 (1940)

The legend lands squarely on the Moscow front! One of the first versions of the most famous Soviet medium tanks. Yet even it was good enough in Moscow with its slanted, thick armor and 76mm L-11 cannon.

Pz. Kpfw. III Ausf. J1

The main and most important thing in this tank is the long-barreled 50mm gun. It is especially relevant with the emergence of the T-34 in battle, and in general, is very useful in any combat situation.

Premium snipers squad

A premium squad of four snipers and an engineer for gold. The squad's abilities improve recoil control and increase healing and reloading efficiency.

2nd Guard Rifle Division

18th Guard Reconnaissance Company

The squad snipers are armed with the experimental SKT-40 carbine, a shortened version of the ABT-40 in sniper version.

256th Infantry Division

256th Reconnaissance Battalion

Soldiers dressed in a very recognizable and practical uniform and armed with semi-automatic rifles Gewehr 41 in sniper modification.

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