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National Resistance Day in France

Even after the German army had entered Paris, many Frenchmen declined to obey the invaders and enlisted in numerous resistance groups. These brave people created diversions and covertly fought against the Germans throughout the entire war. On May 27th, the entire France celebrates the heroism of its citizens who refused to be broken and conquered.

From May 27th (13:00 GMT) to May 30th (13:00 GMT) complete the tasks and receive the Resistance Awards.

Resistance Awards

Using this event’s awards, you’ll be able to change your soldiers’ appearance, give them unique call signs, and recruit new people into the Resistance.

Changing your identity is a vital skill for a resistance fighter.

Orders for appearance change
Orders for appearance change

You’ll receive 2 for each completed task

Orders for call sign change
Orders for call sign change

You’ll receive 1 for each completed task

Silver orders for soldiers
Silver orders for soldiers

You’ll receive a set of 5 for 6 completed tasks

Resistance Tasks

The tasks have to be completed in “Squads” mode. You can work on completing all the day’s tasks simultaneously.

May 27-28 — eliminate the target

Act precise and cold-blooded. This day your targets aren’t numerous, but the enemy is sure to feel their loss.

  • 3 melee kills;
  • 15 headshots;
  • 1 victory in the “Battle for Normandy” campaign.

May 28-29 — supply your group

The Resistance cannot survive without a dependable supply. Help your allies: build ammo caches, fortifications and stationary guns. 

  • 20 uses of your engineer constructions by your allies;
  • 30 kills from a bolt-action or semi-automatic rifle;
  • 1 victory in the “Battle for Normandy” campaign.

May 29-30 — do damage

It’s time to come out of hiding and go in guns blazing: cause as much damage to the enemy as possible!

  • Finish the battle in TOP 30% of your team;
  • 50 kills;
  • 1 victory in the “Battle for Normandy” campaign.

Terms of the event

This event’s tasks are counted simultaneously and can be completed even in a single battle.

Vive la France!


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