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Be ready for new weapon upgrade mechanics!

In one of the upcoming updates we are introducing a long-awaited change — a new, simpler and easier to understand weapon upgrading mechanics. In addition, there will be a few more great changes in Enlisted and this is a warning about them in advance that will give you time to prepare.

Upgrade weapons for orders

There will no longer be a need to stockpile warehouses with dozens of identical weapons to disassemble them for parts. All of your firearms and even armored vehicles will be upgraded for a certain number of bronze weapon orders. The cost of the upgrade will vary depending on the weapon being upgraded and the level of the upgrade.

It's very similar to how you train your soldiers - It’s as easy as that.

Along with this, the ability to buy random weapons for bronze orders will disappear from the Logistics, and guns and cold steel will become stand-alone items for silver orders. Getting them will no longer be a big fluke, but based on your cold reckoning.

Exchanging your spare parts

Because there is absolutely zero demand for parts with the new system, we are going to exchange them for bronze orders.

Exchange rate: 1 bronze weapon order per 10 parts.

You can wait for an upgrade, in which the exchange will happen automatically, or spend your existing stock of spares in advance - the choice is yours.

Reworked upgrade mechanism

With the old mechanics, the "upgrade workshop" allowed you to get more parts when you disassembled a weapon and spend less on a weapon. The new mechanics will allow you to get more bronze orders for selling weapons and spend less on upgrades.

You do nothing - the upgrades are automatically applied.

Silver orders for battle experience

Big news! Silver orders are now more valuable than ever and you can get them not only in Battle Passes and for completing various tasks, but also by simply fighting in Enlisted and earning experience in battles.

Just like you get bronze orders in battles.

  • For every 25,000 battle experience, you receive a silver weapon order
  • For every 50,000 battle experience, you receive a silver soldier order

Train soldiers, upgrade vehicles and weapons, and raise your army to perfection without any extra difficulties.

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