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Battle of Berlin for Victory Day! (UPDATED)

Today many across the world celebrate “Victory Day”. On May 8th, 1945, the Allied nations that participated in World War II celebrated the final defeat of the Nazi war machine and the laying down of arms across Europe, and at the heart of that victory was the Battle of Berlin. 

To celebrate Victory Day, we are opening the Battle of Berlin Campaign (currently in the closed beta testing stage), for everyone! Come and enjoy it from May 7th until May 11th (14:00 GMT).

Approaching the Reichstag

During this stage of the Campaign testing you will be fighting in famous locations along the path of the Soviet advance against the Wehrmacht: Storming the Moltke Bridge, assault at the Kroll Opera and Goebbels Villa, and fights in the administrative district near Hitler’s bunker. 

Also, during the weekend event we will introduce a new mission at Koenigsplatz, near the Reichstag.

The square near the iconic symbol of the nazi empire was well positioned for defence. The open square itself was heavily fortified and even the metro tunnel flooded with water to further hinder the soviet advance. 

In the campaign, you will be able to use some of the later weapons of the Second World War, such as the PPS-43,  MP 3008 and Panzerfaust 100, as well as more advanced tanks and aircraft like the Т-34-85, Panther G, IL-2-37 and Me 410. Don’t spare ammo and fuel!

Over time we will keep adding new missions to the campaign, but for now we would love to hear your feedback about existing missions! Welcome to the Enlisted forum.

Keep fighting for Berlin!

After May 10th, access to the CBT of Berlin will only remain for those who own Berlin  early access packs or participated in crowdsourcing. The Battle of Berlin will be open to everyone for free after the CBT process has concluded.

Enlisted - "Battle of Berlin" Bundle
Enlisted — Комплект «Битва за Берлин»
The Bundle Includes:
  • A premium squad of the 336th Rifle Regiment in the 120th Guards Rifle Division of the Red Army for the Soviet Armed Forces in the Berlin campaign;
  • PPD-40 DSZ submachine gun (available for this squad only);
  • A premium squad of the 652nd Grenadier Regiment in the Infantry Division "Berlin" for the Wehrmacht forces in the Berlin campaign;
  • MP 40/1 submachine gun (available for this squad only);
  • 600 Gold.

We wish you a peaceful sky and happy Victory Day!

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