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Meet the "Burning Sky" update!


A new game mode, flasks, binoculars and impact grenades, as well as vehicles with multiple rocket launchers are arriving to the battlefield, players are able to create their own missions, and battles can now take place in a thunderstorm or at sunset.

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Update (Server Update - Xbox, PlayStation®)

Reduced concussion radius for all types of explosives. Reduced the number of He 111 H-16 bomber flight gunners called by the bomber group radio operator. Reduced the firing rate of He 111 H-16 and Il-4 bomber gunners called by the bomber group radio operator. In the weapons cards received in Twitch Drops, added a button to go to the Enlisted page on Fixed incorrect display of awards in debriefing on monitors with 21:9 aspect ratio.

Update (Server Update - Xbox, PlayStation®)

Reduced the range of the grenade concussion effect. Reduced stamina use when aiming with machine guns in the Battle of Stalingrad campaign. Fixed a bug that caused the player to not receive points for allies taking first-aid kits from the first-aid box that the medic had set up. Fixed the bug that caused the player not to receive points for destroying the enemy first-aid box, the Maxim machine gun and the ampoule launcher. Fixed a bug that allowed building rally points on some strategic points. Increased radius range of smoke grenades. Added missing new missions in Custom games. Increased the volume of shots fired by in-flight gunners.

Update ( - Xbox, PlayStation®)

Balance correction and important fixes.


Menu fixes and more.

New campaign: "Unknown War"

Twitch Drops this Weekend!

The “Battle of Stalingrad” has begun! The new large-scale campaign is already available in Enlisted and we have prepared gifts for Twitch viewers to celebrate it.

Catchy weapons for bright personalities!

Update (Server Update 31.03.2022 - Xbox, PlayStation®)

Fixed a bug not allowing spawning with an infantry squad when both vehicle squads are not selectable. 

“The Flames of Stalingrad” event

Ready, to arms, soldiers! Today we're announcing the launch of "The Flames of Stalingrad" event for our new Enlisted campaign! Complete event tasks and earn rewards to further customize your soldiers!

"Battle of Stalingrad" update

New Campaign Levels

Give your army a unique style!

Clothing and equipment for your soldiers, as well as camouflages and historical markings for vehicles

Silent Weapons in the new Battle Pass season

The hunt for Battle Pass rewards promises to begin with renewed vigor! Silenced weapons for all armies, new heroes, and many important improvements regarding mechanics. Let's take a look at some of the season's rewards right now!

New Locations and Missions

Stalingrad Weaponry

Let's meet the battle participants and their weapons, as well as take a look at the city itself.