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Meet the "Burning Sky" update!


A new game mode, flasks, binoculars and impact grenades, as well as vehicles with multiple rocket launchers are arriving to the battlefield, players are able to create their own missions, and battles can now take place in a thunderstorm or at sunset.

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Update ( - Xbox, - PlayStation®)

Changes of some weapons' rate of fire and time to capture the strategic points in some missions.

D-Day Sale

A sale dedicated to the anniversary of the Allied landing in Normandy has begun in Enlisted. We’ve picked two bundles that are just perfect for this occasion and discounted them 50%. You can also expect a new event to start in Enlisted on D-Day. Fill up your ranks and keep an eye out for the news.

Meet the "Burning Sky" update!

Burning Sky: Part 2

National Resistance Day in France

Burning Sky: rocket tanks and new campaign levels

Create your own mission!

Thunder and Lightning! New Cloud and Weather Effects

In battles, most of the time half of your screen is taken up by the sky. Because the sky is so pivotal for setting the mood in battle, in the upcoming update, new sky and weather effects will take the quality and atmosphere of the game to a new level.

New Grenades and Inventory Expansion

Military Rank System

Your battle merits are something to be proud of. We remember them and keep track of all your statistics. But soon your valor will be reflected not only in numbers, but in your rank. Introducing the new military rank system that’s set to arrive in the next big update!

Update (Server Update 19.05.22 - Xbox, PlayStation®)

In this update we have specified the killing power of aircraft rounds filled with explosives.

Making Enlisted a Better Place №15

A New Game Mode and Locations

New sights in armored vehicles and upgraded aviation

Our artists care for the atmosphere in battlefields of every campaign, but there are some of you guys who have "their own atmosphere" behind a few centimeters of armored steel. And for those armor enthusiasts, we're introducing new gunner sights - unique to each nation.