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Battle for Berlin Reinforcements: Level 19-21

Battle for Berlin Reinforcements

Lone Fighters: now true hardcore!

Reinforcements at the Invasion of Normandy

New Locations, Missions and Combat Objectives

Improvements to Battle Tasks and Achievements

We’re currently hard at work improving the Battle Tasks and Achievement system.

New Missions and Dynamic Weather for the OBT Launch

New Weapons: Land Mines

Core current tasks

We continue to share some thoughts about the Enlisted development process and our current plans.

Improving Normandy

We’ve run two testing sessions of the “Invasion to Normandy” campaign, and want to tell you more about improvements that are currently in development thanks to your feedback.

Observation devices for ground vehicles

We are currently working on modeling major observation devices, including commander optics. 


This devblog is about one of the most devastating firearms of WWII - flamethrowers are coming to Enlisted!

The dynamics of firearms in Enlisted

Today we’re talking about improvements in recoil and firearms control in general.

“Invasion of Normandy”: armoured vehicles

Let’s talk about armoured vehicles from the ‘Invasion of Normandy’ campaign.

“Invasion of Normandy”: Soldiers and weapons

Continuing the series of devblogs for the “Invasion of Normandy” campaign. We have already talked about the battlefields and now it is time to introduce you to the participants in the battles.